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This experienced property construction firm in the United Kingdom, Surrey county, has a dedicated team of property contractors to help you with your project. We are highly respected and recognised in our industry, therefore we have perfected our craft in order to provide great value for our customers when it comes to building a new property or providing professional maintenance services for it. Throughout the years in business, our firm's success skyrocketed, due to the fact, that the pure value and professionalism we provided for our loyal customers was truly rare. We are not just a simple construction firm that only wants to provide the service and get it over with - customer satisfaction is our goal, therefore we will do anything in our power to deliver very decent work and meet your expectations. We will make sure that the whole process of us working on your property, whether it needs maintenance and fixing, or it needs drastic changes that include demolition and building new parts, is as smooth as possible and that it feels like a journey you will enjoy. We understand that your property is very important to you, therefore we will provide you with a peace of mind and communicate every single stage your house is in. From the planning to the final checks of the work that has been done on your house, we can guarantee that if you choose to work with us, you will have a blast watching your home transform into a piece of art you always wanted it to become.  

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Throughout the years in the construction business, Ard Contractors have managed to spread out their services and occupy the whole county of Surrey, because their work has been widely recognised as especially high quality. We offer a very wide range of services that our potential clients might be in need of, including roof repairs, loft conversions, electricity installations, kitchen and bathroom renovations and many more services you can find here. Our professional team consists of trustworthy and extremely viable building contractors that are able to provide home building services in location specific areas. If you are looking for quality builders in surrey and its towns, feel free to give us a call and notify us about the specific home services you are looking for and also don't forget to tell us your property's location for a free inspection. This free inspection will provide you with two very important things if you want to start your project: firstly, it will give you a rough estimate regarding how much it will actually cost to make your project into a reality, including all the necessities like the cost for the workforce, time and material. Secondly, our agents will learn what changes do you want for your house and inform you about the process which must take part in order to reach your goal - construction is a noisy thing and it can be troublesome for your neighbours, therefore we will strategize with you and pick the best time for us to work on your property.

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Our company's history is marked with our loyal customer opinions and good reviews of our hard work, therefore if you choose to trust your property's future to us, we will give you every last drop of sweat we have in order to ensure your project is a success...
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